Non-Profits 2020

Benefit Concert for Military, Veterans, and their Families

Logo of McCain Institute

The McCain Institute Foundation – Consider joining us In The Arena and give to the McCain Institute: our Case for Support.

Logo of Patriotic Service Dog Foundation

Patriotic Service Dogs Foundation – Each day, in the world’s greatest nation, 22 of our heroes will take their own lives. The Patriotic Service Dog Foundation’s goal is to reduce that statistic from “22 to Zero”.

Logo of Heart and Armor

Heart and Armor Foundation – The Heart and Armor Foundation aims to protect the health of veterans, and to connect civilians to the experience of military service members.

Logo of TAPS

T.A.P.S. provides comfort, care and resources to all those grieving the death of a military loved one.

Logo of Veterans Support Foundation

Veterans Support Foundation was founded by and for veterans. We are committed to serving the unaddressed needs of today’s veterans and their families.

Logo of CreatiVets

CreatiVets’ mission is to empower wounded veterans to heal through the arts and music.

Logo of Operation Stand Down

Operation Stand Down Tennessee provides and connects Veterans and their families with comprehensive resources focused on transition, employment, housing, benefits, peer engagement, volunteerism and connection to the community. ​

Logo of Bridging the Gap: Opening Door for Veterans

Bridging The Gap for Veterans Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization led by military veterans who fully understand the career transition experience. We establish relationships with C-level executives, human resource professionals, hiring managers, and marketing directors to open career doors for the military community.

Give Support To Our Veterans And First Responders: